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We're focused on developing approachable & data-driven strategies that solve problems & grow businesses. 

We have a need to test, question & improve things. There's almost always a better way & we take pleasure in finding it!

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Founder &
Chief Digital Strategist

Meet Merove Heifetz (sounds like Mer-AHV HIGH-fitz)! 

She's armed with an MBA and 20 years of diverse digital strategy, integrated marketing, operations and management experience with digital marketing agencies, international nonprofits, venture-backed startups, Fortune 5+ clients and everything in between.

Her industry expertise is deep across ecommerce, B2B and nonprofits. She's worked with clients like Walmart Grocery, Glossier, Penguin Random House, adidas, DCL Logistics, Make-A-Wish Foundation and many more. 

Through years of experience she’s found that regardless of industry, many of the same growth challenges and patterns exist, even across startups vs. corporate vs. nonprofit organizations. 

That knowledge, coupled with the ever-changing nature of digital marketing (it's never boring!) and her passion for learning about different types of businesses has driven her to help her clients succeed since 2000.

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...is as large or small as you need it to be. We collaborate with several trusted and high-performing partners as needed to keep our overhead low and our expertise high.
Our creative and skilled cross-platform developers, designers, writers, campaign managers, analytics specialists & brand marketing experts are available on-demand. Your custom-crafted team is ready when you need them.
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“Merove has the rare ability to zoom out to 30,000 feet and assess strategy, but also to follow through with execution and detail.”


Merove is a terrific digital marketing consultant, project manager and all around smart person. I had the privilege of hiring Merove and working with her on a whole set of really important projects for our firm.

MICHAEL HOFFMAN, Former CEO & Co-Founder

“Merove learns about her clients and is clear in her explanations for why she's doing what she's doing. She also is a very calm presence and executes her work with what seems to be effortless aplomb. I would recommend her highly to any company that would want to hire her!”

Christine Hung, Senior Director of Campaigns
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